2018.06.08 BSDCan 2018 in Ottawa

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I just wanted to share with all of you the lovely sunrise I woke up to this morning. I took this picture from the deck of our RV.

D'Arcy and I left to attend the BSDCan Conference 2018. This year we traveled from Recreationland Campground in Cumberland on the outskirts of Ottawa.

Last year D'Arcy gave a talk on Centrally managing an ISP with NetBSD and PostgreSQL but this year he just went to listen. Unfortunately the video is missing a section of audio.

This year on June 5th at Royal Oak in Ottawa we had a chance to have supper and to meet new people some traveled as far as Dublin and California.

I eased off this year and just went the last day so that I could join D'Arcy at the after party. After all it is a technical conference and I don't have the computers skills that D'Arcy has.

At the end of the last day they hold an auction to raise money for a local men's shelter. Besides various gifts from sponsors they auctioned off special items including items found that may have been forgotten by attendees. People have been known to have to bid to get their own items back. However, it is all in fun and the money all goes to charity.

It is the traditional that Groff be handed to the next person that is going to the next BSD conference. Groff has his own passport. This year he is off to Cambridge.

Afterwards we all went to the Red Lion for Supper, drinks and some socializing.

Bye for now we hope to see all our friends at BSDCan 2019.

Michael Lucas and me

More pictures.