2018.04.10 Supper With Alan's Family

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We drove to see Callia and her mom Amanda's house in St. Eustache. Callia, Amanda and John have a beautiful home. Louis and Crystal were there.

We stayed there for a while giving some Mardi Gras toys to Callia. They are the throws from the Mardi Gras parade floats. We gave some to Louis too last Saturday.

Amanda, Callia, Crystal and Louis all got into Amanda's car and we followed them in our truck to Restaurant Lugamo's where Alan was already there waiting for them to set our table up. We had a lovely supper. Too bad Gabriel and John missed out on a lovely supper. They were working late but they each got a doggie bag.

We drove Louis and Crystal home. Then went home after a great day.

Crystal, Louis, D'Arcy, Carol, Alan, Callia and Amanda

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