2018.04.06 Plans Moving Forward

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We left Monica's after having such a great time seeing everyone. Thanks to Monica for letting us use her driveway and to Scott, Monica's neighbor across the street, for letting us stay with them the night the power went out and we had no heat. That was Wednesday, the night before we had to go see our lawyers to finalize the house. The wind was blowing fierce that night and the power went out on Monica's side of the street. It came back on at one in the morning so we did not get to much sleep for our appointment the next day. The next day we had no water as the hose was frozen.

Our trailer left a little lighter after we shared some throws we got from Mardi Gras in New Orleans with all our nieces and nephews and friends and also the big kids. Do not worry there is plenty for my family in Montreal and Ottawa and there will be enough for Norma and Peter.

We left our Trailer at Nick's Mobile RV Service and Storage in Ingleside for some work we want done and will stay with my brother Alan for a while.

Then on to Cumberland Campsite where we will stay there until it closes next October. Then off to a new adventure.

Parking at Camp Monica