2018.04.05 Closing Our House

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We closed the house today. We emptied the house on Tuesday with the help of 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Both D'Arcy and Chris, Monica's son, organized the move. This was our first home bought in 1990 and both D'Arcy and I are pack rats always putting things away because we would say in case we need it some day. Yes, that some day does come, but then we do not know where we saved it so we have to buy a new one anyway.

We went to eat at Swiss Chalet in East York since we have not eaten there for a while. Then home.

On Thursday we saw Natacha who works for Zinati Kay Barristers and Solicitors to sign some papers. We then went to the office where D'Arcy had his weekly meeting and signed more papers. Then we went to see Arthur Khaimov from Home Life/Vision Realty Inc to sign more papers. Just as we were leaving we were talking with Arthur in the foyer and D'Arcy got a call from the lawyer to say that because of the big wind the previous day it broke a tree in the back yard and they wanted us to pay half to remove it. Since it was still our house until later in the afternoon when they take ownership of the house we felt that was fair so we agreed.

After a long day we went to have supper at Windfields in North York where both of us enjoyed a nice juicy steak. Then back to Monica's and our RV ready for another day.

Now we are down to just two homes, both on wheels. We still own the 1990 Belair that we used to travel in as well as the 2010 Landmark Grand Canyon which we now live in full time.

Traveling is fun when you are with the right person.

Goodbye to our old house