2017.09.05 Moving Day

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We left the house early getting to our new home around two. When we looked around the house as we were ready to leave the house was still full. That was from collecting stuff over forty-six years. We tended to keep stuff in case we ever needed it but when we did we couldn't find it and had to buy another one.

We spent the rest of the day unpacking. We found out that we still brought too much unnecessary stuff.

We stopped unpacking and had supper then we had dessert and wine watching TV in front of a roaring fireplace. A fake one of course.

The next day was hectic as we left Recreationland camping ground we passed a horse farm and when we came home at night we saw kids riding the horses. We had to get a mailbox, order a new Ram because our old truck would not pull our new RV. There is a lot to think of changing when you move.

We had supper then we were invited to the RV of Jean and Pierre. We had wine that we had given them and apple rhubarb crumble in a dinner tent. When we left their RV for our long trip home (twenty feet) we sat down to watch TV with a glass of wine.

A lot of things to do and we are enjoying our new home.

Moving day

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