2012.09.29 Scavenging the motorhome

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On Saturday we went to get our trailer which is parked in Etobicoke. We visited Tyssen Trailers in Sutton where we originally purchased it. We picked a rubber roof which we had ordered. Frank, our "Newfie Roofer" will help us put a whole new roof on our trailer.

While we were in Sutton we also visited Nicholson Truck & Coach Repair to scavenge what we could from our big mistake we made and empty what we could into our trailer. Well we started and when D'Arcy and I were opening the storage places at the botton of the motorhome one of the doors just fell off. We just continued scavenging. D'Arcy installed the cabin batteries into the trailer so now we should have lights and such when we aren't plugged into services in a trailer park.


Then we dropped off the trailer back in Etobicoke and went to the Grover Pub for the Beaches Bluesfest. We had supper with Monica and Mary, saw some friends then went home.