2018.03.18 Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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With all the parking chaos with various Saint Patrick's Day parade we parked our truck on North Rampart street and used public transportation and Uber to get around..

First we decided to go to the Irish Channel district of New Orleans for Tracy's Block Party and the Irish Channel parade. As we walked around I was amazed at how much green one person can fit on his or her body. We even took a green trolley up St. Charles.

We got there and the streets and the bar where the after party was to be were so packed that we couldn't even move. We decided not to stay.

We headed to a bus stop on Tchoupitoulas. We found out from a nice lady that the bus was not running there as it was redirected due to the parade. She was late for work so D'Arcy called an Uber and we all got in the car. She got out before us so she gave us some money for her share.

We got off at and went through the French Market, down Frenchmen and then we walked to Belle Diner for a bite to eat.

We walked down to Vaso's to listen to the sounds of our friends The Budz. While they were playing the Downtown Irish Club Parade was just passing just outside Vaso's. Cindy, the bass player's wife, was walking in this parade so we stepped out to watch.

The parade stopped around 30-90 on Frenchmen and we saw both Curtis and Cindy there.

I handed D'Arcy the camera so he took the pictures, We collected more throws like more beads,silk roses D'Arcy got a kiss when he got his roses. I got a garter from a man who slipped it onto my leg. They also threw vegetables. The prize throw was a cabbage. D'Arcy got a giant onion.

D'Arcy took a pictures of Cindy and I just outside Vaso's. Just for fun when The Budz was finished D'Arcy took a pictures of Curtis lifting my dress to show my garter.

Turtle riding a gator riding a small car

More pictures.