2018.03.03 Congo Square Rhythms Festival

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D'Arcy and I spent some of the day at The 11th Annual Congo Square Rhythms Festival. We walked around and saw different booths of some beautiful handmade creations, some art, and a kids corner.

We listened to the great sounds of Drum Circle, Bamboula 2000,and enjoyed the spectacle of a Mardi Gras indian battle with Mardi Gras indians representing different neighborhoods performing for the crowd. The Wild Magnolias of Uptown, the Young Maasi Hunters of Downtown and the Mohawk Hunters of Algiers gathered in a show of unity.

D'Arcy took a picture of me along side an teenage indian girl who was very friendly. We had a conversation with her. I think her name was Tauge and she is studying computer cyber security at Tulane University.

The Mardi Gras indians spend a year making their suits by hand and at the end of Mardi Gras they start over and make a new one.

Then we left to look for a place to have supper. Our friend Megan told us about Port Of Call where she works so we decided to check it out on Esplanade Avenue. D'Arcy and I had a mushroom cheeseburger with baked potato and boy were they filling.

After we tried to walk our dinner off by walking to Frenchmen street. We went into BMC which stands for Balcony Music Club to hear a band called Wilie Lockett. D'Arcy talk to the drummer Tony who we both knew as the drummer from Dmac's. Willie Lockett invited D'Arcy on stage to play some harp.

We continued our walk to the truck which was left near Port Of Call and went to our RV after a great day in New Orleans.

Carol and a young Mardi Gras indian queen

More pictures.