2018.02.13 All on Mardi Gras Day

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We enjoyed our first Mardi Gras Day together. We headed out early to have breakfast at the Waffle House where I had the waffle and tea and D'Arcy had eggs and cheese with coffee. Our waiter as we paid at the cash asked us where we were from. When we said Canada, he said love the Canadian figure skaters in the Olympics.

No rain on Mardi Gras. The Mardi Gras parade took place in Uptown New Orleans with Krewe of Zulu. As always we met a lot of people.

The prize throw was coconuts. Both D'Arcy and I got our coconuts along with Mardi Gras beads and toys.

After the parade was over we headed for IHOP Restaurant where I had a cheese and bacon burger and sweet tea and they mean sweet. D'Arcy, keeping up with his diet, had a salad.

For our first Mardi Gras season we collected two large bins of beads and other "throws". We had a great time.

Zulu - Mardi Gras 2018

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