2018.02.11 Happy Joe Cain Day

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After breakfast we headed out to four parades, Krewe of Okeanor, Krewe of Mid-City, Krewe of Thoth and at night Krewe of Bacchus all in Uptown New Orleans. The first one we had some rain and the last one we had rain. We were troopers we sat and watched the parade in the rain.

We met a guy named Philip who stayed with us all day. Philip lives right on the parade route and was nice enough to let us use his washroom during the day.

D'Arcy saw a guy with a T-shirt that read "Raising Cain". D'Arcy asked him why and he told D'Arcy about Joe Cain who it seems is largely credited with initiating the modern way of observing Mardi Gras. Joe Cain happens to be D'Arcy's father's name. It was raining then so I didn't get a picture of the shirt but then D'Arcy took some with his phone.

Philip and D'Arcy

More pictures.