2018.02.10 Iris and Tucks

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The weather was nice as we headed to Uptown New Orleans for two parades one after the other, Krewe of Iris and Krewe of Tucks. As we watch the floats go by we still cannot believe the thought and imagination that goes on making these floats.

At half time we are entertained by the parents playing with their kids.

The second one Krewe of Tucks followed right after with more colorful floats. We got some good throws which D'Arcy and I took our pictures with them on. D'Arcy had fun blowing his whistle. Since I don't move too fast I get hit on the head with beads, but my head is hard and I am still here to talk about it. I keep telling D'Arcy next time I come I wear a football helmet.

D'Arcy had fun with his giant hand giving high fives out to people, At the end of the two parades their was toilet paper and beads hanging from trees.

After the parades we headed to Frenchmen Street to see who was playing and I took some pictures of D'Arcy just as he was beginning to drive with his giant foam hand on the steering wheel and as he gave people the foam finger.

Carol with her new glasses

More pictures.