2018.02.08 Uptown Parades

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With weather yesterday at 63° but no sign of rain, we had an early supper of hamburgers which D'Arcy cooked on the barbecue. Then we headed to three parades all in Uptown New Orleans, the Knights of Babylon, Knights of Chaos and Krewe of Muses.

D'Arcy has a tracker for the parades on his cell phone so he knows where the parades are at any specific time. The hard part is looking for a parking spot, but we were lucky enough to get the same spot as we got for the parades when we went to see Krewe of Caesar the previous night. I always say I got the parking spot for him, because we have a handicap permit in the front window of our truck and we got the same handicap spot both nights.

At the Knights of Babylon we met people as we always do. One lady goes to Virginia in the summer because the summers are so hot here in New Orleans. I don't know how many people love my leather coat and say we are a beautiful.

The Floats are so beautifully made, especially the Muses, and I have a hard time selecting which ones to take a picture of.

During the Knights of Chaos we picked up so many beads and other stuff we put them all on our chairs or D'Arcy would give them to kids.

Some ladies wanted to pass to get a shoe. I did not know what they were talking about until I got a big one and two other on beads. Throw me something sister! Over the years, a Muses shoe has evolved into one of the most coveted Mardi Gras throws. Each shoe is a masterpiece with special meaning.

The Muses turn up on the parade route each year on the Thursday before Mardi Gras Day, but whether or not a shoe turns up in your hands is largely based on your own efforts. I must have been a lucky person because I got a shoe. D'Arcy took a picture of the red sparking shoe when we got back to our RV.

At the end of the parade we forgot a bag in the truck so D'Arcy asked the people in the floats if they had bags so they gave him one. One of the girls in the dancing group liked it as D'Arcy blew his whistle and she high-fived him. I took a picture of an anonymous donor giving a dollar to a man carrying a flambeaux light. Can you tell who it is?

We're not in Kansas any more

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