2018.02.07 Morning Exercises

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This morning after a good breakfast we drove to the Metarie area to rescue Deej's car from the Walmart parking lot. We arrived at Deej's house to find out Mike was there to help us. They are two members of The Budz and they had a practice so we had to work fast.

DeeJ and Mike piled in the back seat of our truck and we headed off to the Walmart parking lot. We got to the parking lot and D'Arcy and Mike pushed the car to the centre and Mike got down under Deej's car to hook up the tow strap.

Then Mike drove the car while D'Arcy and Deej were in contact with Mike the whole time on the cell phone. Mike was driving Deej's car while on the speaker so D'Arcy and Mike could relay driving instructions.

Everything was going great until the tow strap went slack and then pulled tight and snapped. They fixed that and off we went again, luckily we were not too far from the house.

Then the real exercises came into play when they pushed the car into the driveway uphill. It took a couple of tries but finally they made it.

But D'Arcy, when they say lose some weight I don't think they meant by pushing a car up a driveway,

What a morning and I was there for posterity. There is one pictures I am sorry I did not get. It was D'Arcy pulling the car with the strap over his shoulder, but you can just imagine this.

Deej and D'Arcy doing their morning exercises

More pictures.