2018.02.07 Parade of Druids

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Starting today there are parades every day up to the big day February 13. This year Mardi Gras was early which meant that the weather was not great. But rain or shine the parade will go on. So it was for the Krewe of Druids

Since both our emails addresses have the word druid in them we decided to check it out in Uptown New Orleans. Sorry to say I do not have many pictures. I just took eight pictures with my camera until it gave up. It is not a camera to take pictures in the drizzle of rain. I brought it home and left it om the table to dry out. The next morning it was all better.

As the parade marched by people on the sides blow whistles, so D'Arcy blew his whistle. Blowing whistles is a big thing around New Orleans. D'Arcy and I noticed they reuse some of the floats from other parades. After picking up more Mardi Gras beads we went home, On our way to our truck D'Arcy gave some beads away to kids that were going to the next parade. We collected a whole bunch since the parades stated.

These Mardi Gras “throws” were similar to the festival customs of the English Renaissance era. During the late 1800's, inexpensive necklaces made of glass beads began to be tossed into the crowds by the parade krewes.

Krewe of Druids parade

More pictures.