2018.01.16 D'Arcy's First Gig down south

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D'Arcy managed to host an open jam at 8:00 at the Arabi Bar, here on N Peter Street in Louisiana in a quaint little bar just minutes away from Chalmette RV park where we are staying, that's if D'Arcy could put a band together.

D'Arcy has accomplished his task, I really had a feeling he would.

D'Arcy and I went to the bass player's house for practice, Deej called and said he had a flat tire, but he was on the way. We went out to have Pizza at a place called Pizza Delicious all four of us D'Arcy, me, Curtis and his beautiful wife Cindy.

D'Arcy's band The Cain Gang played with D'Arcy on his guitar, David "Deej" Johnston playing drums, Curtis Rosy playing bass. Better still all three members of The Cain Gang sing, but yesterday all three of the guys were a bit under the weather, but they tried so hard. D'Arcy lost his voice and the other two had to do most of the singing.

Sure D'Arcy sits in with different people, but this was his first gig. Congratulations for the gig and for picking two terrific people to back you up.

Just as we were starting the open jam the power went out just for a few minutes then came back on just in time for Jason to play guitar and sing along with The Cain Gang. Jason asked if he could have a Cain Gang card and we gladly gave him one.

While we were inside the weather outside turned to freezing rain. So on the way home it was treacherous driving. We hope everyone made it home safe.

When we arrived we found out our hose froze again for the second time. It went down to -6°C. So much for getting away from Winter.

The Cain Gang - southern version

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