2017.12.22 Nights on the Town in New Orleans

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I am lucky I do not have to use my wheelchair since we got here. D'Arcy always has it in our truck but I can manage our walks. I guess the exercises I do since I left Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto are working for me.

We have been walking along Frenchmen Street here are some of the pictures from our walks

December 2 and December 3

Oh yes D'Arcy has been keeping up with his music by sitting in with The Budz at Vaso's a couple of times also sitting in with Tip Jar Junkies also at Vaso's. D'Arcy also played at the Pour House, Dmacs, Buffa's and 33/90 just to name a few. D'Arcy played yesterday with The Budz at Vaso's.

We keep busy and I take pictures. If you would like to see the pictures go to Jams or Music.

D'Arcy at Vaso's 2017.12.21