2017.11.27 On The Road Again

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We moved from Parc D'Orleans at 12:15 where we stayed for our first month in New Orleans. We moved to a campground called Chalmette Trailer Park at 12:39 run by a gentlemen called Bert. We moved because it is cheaper but it is also cleaner and quieter than where we were. Also, we don't have to keep finding an alternate bridge to come home from when we go for an evening out of listening to music down on Frenchmen Street.

Just after D'Arcy and I crossed the bridge one time we heard there was a tire fire under the return bridge. We had to take another way home. We didn't want to take a chance on the weakened bridge. Better safe than sorry although they let one lane of cars pass at a time to minimize the weight on the bridge for they thought the fire weakened the bridge. So don't worry we are fine and we hear the bridge is open now. There are so many bridges because New Orleans is surrounded by water.

I am getting to know my way around our RV. I pulled the sliders in and it also helps to just press a switch and the jacks go up for the stabilizers.

We called before coming and Bert said he was out of town he will be back around 4:00 but we were all ready to go. Bert told us to come and park in the entrance but not blocking cars going out.

When we got there D'Arcy did am excellent job parking with a second pair of eyes behind the RV.

We did go to the bank, went for coffee and tea came back had a nap then Bert knocked on the RV door. We set up as it was getting dark and Bert and Jose his helper helped D'Arcy back into our lot.

That night we went to Dmac's for supper and D'Arcy played guitar with Cory Duplechin who we saw at the Tab Benoit concert last Saturday.

We had quite a day yesterday. Well back to a busy day today and enjoying every bit of this trip.

Setting up in Chalmette

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