2017.11.07 Jamming with Vic and Ike

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We decided to go down to the French Market. While we were there D'Arcy bought two scarves for my hat, a Mardi Gras theme and a Christmas one. We came home had supper then D'Arcy and I went to jam with Vic Cangelosi and Ike Sterling while I took a few pictures. We met Vic in 2016 when he picked us up from the airport and brought us to where we were staying. Ike we just met down here.

Where they jammed was interesting it looks like the body of a truck converted to a little room. D'Arcy played guitar and sang, Vic played drums and Ike played bass. I took a group picture as we all were ready to leave.

And so end another great day in New Orleans.

D'Arcy, Ike and Vic

More pictures.