2017.11.04 Congo Square

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D'Arcy and I went to see Congo Square. You know there is a song called Congo Square first released in 1985 written by Sonny Landreth. .

Congo Square is in the corner of Louis Armstrong Park. I took a picture of D'Arcy with Louis Armstrong and somebody offered to take a few pictures of me and D'Arcy in front of some other famous musicians. The wonderful Caribbean dancers are only there once a year but the man that took our pictures said that there are other celebration going on during the year.

Congo Square is where the slaves and free blacks gathered and that is where jazz was born.

From there we drove around the streets. The streets are very narrow in New Orleans in fact the people walk in the streets so it is slow going especially in the monster truck.

We parked and walked along Frenchmen street and then I spotted a black cat it was fate because we were headed to the "The Spotted Cat Music Club" where I had a "Dark and Stormy" and D'Arcy had a "Cat Nip" We listened to the wonderful music of the band.

And that was the end of another great day in New Orleans.

Congo Square, New Orleans, LA

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