2017.10.31 Halloween in the Crescent City

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We decided to see how they celebrated Halloween in New Orleans beside the kids going door to door collecting candy so we went down to Frenchmen street. I never saw so many popes, priests, nuns and other cartoon characters. I think I even saw Mr. Bean. There were a lot of characters walking down Frenchmen street.

I was walking around with some character with long hair and a black hat.

There were big groups of bicycles with coloured lights on the wheels of bicycles. Later on in the evening we were looking for a place to sit down because my legs were sore. I guess I could have used my wheelchair it is always in the back of the truck but stubborn me I didn't.

We went to Buffa's and ordered a drink then went home ending yet another fun day in New Orleans.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

D'Arcy having a bad hair day

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