2017.10.27 Escape to Stone Mountain

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We left Spring Creek Campground in Clarksville, TN at 9:17 in the morning. We arrived Stone Mountain Park where we will stay for two nights. We were late because we picked some stuff for the RV as we were going though Chattanooga. Since we got there in the dark some of the campers were kind enough to help D'Arcy park the RV.

We met Bill Gray for lunch at J Alexander's in Dunwoody GA. Bill Gray is a client of Vybe Networks.

We went up on Stone Mountain which is at an elevation of 1,686 feet. there is a carving in stone mountain.

We decided to go up to the top so we took the Skyride which is a cable car. I held on to D'Arcy very tightly because there was a little wind. I sat on a rock while D'Arcy took pictures. The scenery is amazing from up there.

D'Arcy said that from 1,686 we will be going down at least 1,687 feet within a few days because New Orleans is below sea level.

Carol and D'Arcy get high

More pictures.