2017.10.19 Last Trailer To Clarksville

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We arrived at Spring Creek Campground in Clarksville, TN in the afternoon of Oct 19 for 7 nights. We were met by the owner, a nice old gentleman named Don, who got us all set up in our spot. We met another Canadian couple from BC.

Friday we did a little shopping and relaxed. On Saturday we got up early to go to some garage sales. After all the work to get rid of stuff one might wonder why we want more but the Internet doesn't always work and we wanted to pick up some DVDs. We wound up picking up a big box of DVDs as well as a few books.

The sunrise was so nice as we stepped out of our RV so I took a picture.

One of the first garage sales we went to we got to talking and we said our destination was New Orleans so the lady said I would need this colorful bracelet so she gave it to me.

Another garage sale we got to talking about where we are from and the conversation turned to Clarksville The woman believed that "Last Train to Clarksville" was written about their city. D'Arcy explained that it was actually a protest song about the Vietnam war written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart about a fictitious city but when they heard that Clarksville, TN had a military base they said that would have fit the song perfectly.

There are a lot of military people in the area. We liked one woman's shirt that said "My husband is a vet. He risked his life to protect strangers. Imagine what he would do for me."

On Saturday night we went to an outdoor concert at a local vineyard called "Jazz on the Lawn". We went there early and D'Arcy brought his guitar to play a few tunes before the band got on stage. It was great. We brought a picnic supper and watched as the kids danced around in their Halloween costumes.

It was a great evening.

On Sunday we decided to drive to Nashville for some sight seeing to the Tennessee State Museum we met someone from Brazil before we headed to the Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar where D'Arcy and I had a Southern Comfort Hurricane with some blackened fries while we listened to the band.

Then we went over to Soul Shine Pizza where we had supper. The bread pudding is not like Mom made - no raisins. It is called "Slap Yo' Mama" bread pudding. They are heavy in cinnamon are bourbon. D'Arcy got up to jam.

We changed our phone plan from Cricket which we got in Ohio to AT&T with the help of Agnes, D'Arcy's sister.

Thursday October 26 after spending seven great nights at Spring Creek Campground in Clarksville, TN. We are headed to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia where we will be staying two or three nights. We will be stopping in Chattanooga to pick up a few things for the RV from Camping World.

A beautiful sunrise in Clarksville, TN

More pictures.