2017.10.16 This is how we roll

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We had intentions to leave early but we came upon a few snags and one of them was the people that put the new hitch did not give us a safety pin so D'Arcy put a guitar effect connector instead so that we could leave. We left Recreationland Campground at 8:41. It was cloudy as we got to the entrance . As we were about to leave we saw André who came to see us off. André helped D'Arcy with checking the lights and other small details. Then it was picture time and then we said our good byes.

We stopped to have breakfast at a quaint little place called Harvest Country Diner in East Cornwall. Then we crossed the border at Thousand Islands Bridge. We arrived at the border at 12:16 left at 12:42. I guess we have honest faces. D'Arcy was asked questions like where does he work but the officer was satisfied with his responses. Then we headed for a Passport America campground in Belfast NY called Six S run by Larry Short. We stayed there over night. We left early in the morning and headed to Kentucky though Pennylvania and Ohio.

André sees us off

More pictures.