2014.10.09 Alpine RV Resort

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Well today we said goodbye to Alpine RV Resort. The camp site was very clean and well kept. We were a little disappointed because the place was unattended most of the time we were there.

The weather could have cooperated a bit more. There was a mixed bag of weather with rain, hail and wind. We joked that the wind would blow away the trailer. It was like "hey Toto, we're not in Kansas any more. On top of all that nasty weather the sun was trying to peek though the dark clouds. But it is October, off season for campers.

Headed out to Whitby to drop off the trailer at Owasco for winterizing. While we were there we were looking at all the fifth wheel trailers they had on their lot. A nice lady named Jody showed us a Jayco fifth wheel trailer. We would have to get a Dodge Ram 2500 to pull it rather than our 1500.

When we left there we went to Renewable Storage to store our trailer for the winter. First D'Arcy took the trailer hitch and put it in our trailer. I emptied the trailer, or so I thought. As we were almost to the gate we had to turn back. I thought I forgot one thing but when D'Arcy got back in the truck I had forgotten to pack the food and my walker.

Off to our home in Toronto with hopes to travel more in our trailer in 2015.

Getting the trailer winterized - Oct 2014

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