2014.10.08 Alpine RV Resort

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Checked Vex.Net to see if anything was broken like we try to do every day while we are "roughing it" in our trailer.

We had a late breakfast. It was rainy and windy, we had a nice view of the park with swings just outside our window. The wind made the tree behind the park howl. It was so windy that we thought maybe the trailer would blow over. But no I guess trailers could with stand a bit of wind.

So we worked on our laptops part of the day. D'Arcy is working trying to make a VPN work while I am working on putting up our camping pictures and writing in my journal. It was a bag of mixed weather with rain then the sun trying to peek though the clouds and the wind.

D'Arcy hooked the truck onto the trailer so that we would be ready to go in the morning. Then he made Green Cheese Spaghetti. No, it's not Spaghetti gone bad, we have made it before.

D'Arcy working in the trailer - Oct 7 2014

More pictures.