2014.10.06 Alpine RV Resort

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This morning D'Arcy and I got up early to go to Alpine RV Resort in Lindsay located on the Scugog River at the mouth of Sturgeon.

We went to get coffee and tea and doughnuts at Timmy's then off to retrieve our fifth wheel trailer from Renewable Storage in Pickering.

After hooking our 30 foot trailer to our truck and putting exteded mirrors on the truck for the trailer, I heard D'Arcy say we didn't, yes we did we left our carefully packed suitcase on the couch at home.

So off we went back out of Pickering back to Toronto to pick up our suitcase. Then we left the stairs down on the trailer we dragged all though Toronto. We had to stop and put the stairs up. A song came on the mixed CD D'Arcy made entitled "We Gotta Get Out of This Place". We decided to make it our theme song.

Then we went back though Pickering to eat breakfast at Fifth Wheel. We took pictures of our Dodge Ram 1500 out among all the big 16 Rollers can you see us? It was an expensive breakfast because added to the cost of the two breakfast D'Arcy bought a GPS. It tells you the height of bridge and tunnels, where the curves are on the roads and everything you need to avoid when driving a 30 foot trailer so we don't get somewhere and have to back up.

Finilly we arrive at the campground. I uploaded the pictures and we checked our email. What ever became of camping? It's now called electronic camping. We must keep Vex.Net going no matter where we are.

D'Arcy and Carol's Trailer, Lindsay, Oct 2014

More pictures.