2013.07.06 Bryan turns Fifty One

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On Saturday we had a bit of a late start going up to Totenham to celebrate Bryan's fifty first birthday. We went to deposit money for Vex.Net and we went to buy strings for D'Arcy's acoustic guitar at St.John's Music. To our surprise Charlene and Brian were not there when we got to their house at around ten to three so I got my set of trailer keys from my purse and retired to our trailer.

Charlene came knocking on our trailer door after they returned from shopping. We invited her in and discussed all the cupboards and things she fixed in our trailer. Charlene, along with Bryan, did an excellent job and I we were so grateful.

We went swimming and I thought I had my swim suit but to my surprise I had two different tops to two different bathing suits and no bottoms. So Charlene loaned me a swim suit. It was a one piece with a beer label on it. So there were beer jokes going around about the beer label on my suit. D'Arcy remarked how well he could hold his liquor.

Them a couple, Theresa and Andrew, came over with salads and a birthday cake. We had supper and Bryan then had to blow out all his candles. As a joke I asked if there was a fire department nearby. Then we played "name that tune" as D'Arcy played his acoustic guitar.

On Sunday we left for Doane Road Storage in Queensville to store out trailer. We docked the trailer and then went out for breakfast. Good thing too because just after leaving the storage compound the rain really came down. D'Arcy would have had to dock it in a torrential downpour.

Now we are home ready for another trip.

Bryan the firefighter

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