2021.01.11 Medical Care - Dominican Style

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Hi everyone it is us telling you we are having fun down here,as much as we can yes, we know we have to go back

They started a lockdown here in Cabarete on New Years Day for ten day and extended until January 26.

So we are allowed grocery shopping at certain times. We make the best of a bad situation. All restaurants on the beach are closed so no more music jam for D'Arcy and I every Sunday at Voyvoy. D'Arcy is learning new songs.

Here is a good joke. One day I saw Carlos, one of the workers here, walk by with a mattress on his head and I said to D'Arcy "there goes a walking bed" but D'Arcy heard "there goes a walking dead". He said "What? With everything else now there's zombies?"

Here is another miscommunication last Wednesday we asked Michelle at the front desk to call a taxi for us to go to CMC which means Centro M├ędico Cabarete in Sosua. So the taxi came but misunderstood Michelle and brought us to a cemetery instead. D'Arcy explained that he was sick but not that sick yet. So the driver laughed and apologized and we all had a big laugh about it.

We are both fine we have pills to take now and we wash all vegetables with vinegar and water and then rinse with bottled water. We spray our fruit with alcohol spray and we drink plenty of water.

Our Doctor, Dr. Gomez, took great care of us. They gave me an Ultrasound and told me I had kidney stones and asked me if they hurt and I sad no, So he said as soon as it hurts I should get it looked at. Hopefully it can wait until we get back to Canada.

All in all everything is great here except for the Covid 19. So lots of solitaire and a card game called Golf which my sister Norma and Peter taught us when we visited them in Arizona.

Stay safe.

CMC Medical Dominican Republic