2016.12.30 Company Luncheon

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Jim organized a company luncheon for his staff and clients. D'Arcy and I got there early. We watched Jim do an excellent job at putting the food out.

Jim asked everyone what their plans were for New Years Eve, the conversation went on and on. Ron walked in sat down then D'Arcy told some jokes.

Rob and his daughter Emily walked in. Jim said the party was to thank clients and staff.

Them Jim and some of his staff put food away and Jim washed dishes.

Of course we could not go home till I took a group photo.

Jim thank you very much for this luncheon.

We left full and happy. This was a great Company Luncheon. On to an even better year in 2017.

Mohammad, Roberto, Ron, Kiara, Robyrt, Emily, Jim, Carol, Santhi (hiding) and D'Arcy