2015.03.14 Beaches Blues Fest Saint Patrick's
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2015.03.14 Beaches Blues Fest Saint Patrick's

Last updated: 2015-03-15 10:45:01
D'Arcy and I went to help celebrate Saint Patrick's Day at the Beaches Blues Fest at the Melange. Thank you LeRoy St. Germaine for putting the Beaches Blues Fest on for all the musicians.

Pete Aube played his classical guitar. Joining Pete was Mojo Scott on harp. Then Soul Instigators with Lee Van Leer on Keyboards, Zoe Scott on drums and Wayne Munzy on bass.

Karen Lee Wild played some Irish song with Rob Ross, Yosef and Guitar G.

D'Arcy played with his band The Cain Gang. D'Arcy on guitar, Reggie Little on bass and Zoe Scott on drums. D'Arcy also played guitar with Lee Van Leer's Fab Grablins.

To end of the evening there was a jam in which the owner of Melange sang along.

Of course the photographer was kept busy taking pictures. I'm so glad that everyone enjoys my pictures.

LeRoy St. Germaine

More pictures.