2015.01.13 My Last Visit To Sunnybrook
2015.01.11 Mary Garden's Drop-In
2015.01.03 OCC Meeting
2015.01.01 Recap of 2014
2015.01.01 The Merging Of Two Companies
2014.12.22 Cain Gang Chrstmas Dinner
2014.12.19 Beaches Blues Fest
2014.12.14 Monica's Christmas Drop In
2014.12.06 University of Toronto Gospel Choir
2014.11.26 Toronto Transit Commission
2014.11.04 Leroy's Birthday Dinner
2014.10.17 Toronto Fall RV Show
2014.10.13 Thanksgiving with Charlene and Brian
2014.10.04 Beaches Bluesfest
2014.09.21 Goodbye Garry Patrick Henry O' Keefe
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2014.08.24 Holly and Joel Get Hitched
2014.08.02 The Cain Gang plays the Beaches Blues Fest
2014.07.26 Beaches International Jazz Festival
2014.06.22 Holly's Bridal Shower
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2014.06.12 Movie Night
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2014.05.17 Robynne and Bill get Hitched
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2014.04.11 The Fabulous Rave at the Working Dog
2014.03.30 Grossman's celebrates my birthday
2014.03.22 D'Arcy Joins New Band
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2014.02.24 People In Wheelchairs
2014.02.21 The Fabulous Rave At The Liverpool Arms
2014.02.20 Jack de Keyzer at the Dominion on Queen
2014.02.13 Brian Cober's CD Release Party
2014.02.09 The Rave at Muckish Irish Pub
2014.01.19 My Physiotherapy
2014.01.01 Recap of 2013

2015.01.13 My Last Visit To Sunnybrook

Last updated: 2015-01-13 16:51:37
As many of you know I broke my femur on October 19, 2013 in an accident I had when a parked car hit me in a parking lot. I went in for surgery to attach a titumun bar to my femur on October 22, 2013. My stay in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre was one month.

Unfortunatly our insurance cut me off on April 11, 2014 from Don Valley Health And Wellness Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation so I continued my exercises at home.

I had a few appointments at Sunnybrook with ex rays and seeing Dr.D.Stephen. D'Arcy and I went to my last appointment this morning. And before we left we went to register in a Sunnybrook's online personal health record service called MyChart.

I am still walking with a cane when I go outside because of my lack of balance I lost when I was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy is a group of permanent movement problems that do not get worse over time. They cause physical disability.

I am getting better every day. In fact I was teasing D'Arcy this morning when I said I am ready to run and he said not just yet. My mother agrees with D'Arcy.

Carol's titanium bar